The business verticals of  SVSCS are based on the market need and the strengths its founder and associated professionals bring to the table. Each business line has sound, crisp and clear objectives and services being offered to prospective target audience


Business Verticals of SVSCS


Services offered

EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS CONSULTING SERVICES To provide end to end consulting and implementation support from CONCEPT to CASH to organisations wanting to establish a Business practice in employability skills. 

Specialise in BFSI sector


  • Market research
  • Drawing out business plan
  • support in building the organization, product
  • support in ensuring delivery/execution preparedness
  • Evolving “go to market strategy”
  • Ground level Support in Business development
  • Operational support for first 6 to 12 months
COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGE SKILLS ENHANCEMENT SOLUTIONS  To provide transformational solutions for communicating effectively in English Language (covers Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing LSRW skills)
  • Instructor-led training programs for communicative effectively in English language for corporates
  • Instructor-led training programs for communicative effectively in English language for higher educational institutions
  • Establish CEELS – Centre for Enhancing English Language Skills in schools
  • Packaged product using the concept of outcome based education model incorporating a unique Blended-learning methodology,
CUSTOMER SERVICE ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMS To enable organisations to build and internalise enhanced service orientation levels for improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Study customer service patterns
  • Evolve renewed practices for enriched level of customer service standards in the organization
  • Provide company-wide training to all staff
  • Provide monitoring and review support for effective implementation
SUPERVISORY COMPETENCIES & LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS  To provide training on identified competencies and attributes/skills for supervisory, managerial and leadership positions in an organization with special focus on first level and middle level.
  • Design and develop customised training program content
  • Use intense activity based Skill- thru-Drill methodology in training programs for skill development
  • Provide post training support-mentoring- review for ensuring effectiveness of training


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